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Digital Discord Marketing
Case Studies   

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Zero The Kidd

2 Million

Total Streams

Using instagram Ad's our team at digital discord marketing built a strong content strategy using our music marketing methods to promote zero the kidd's song Everything.

*Music Marketing Case Study*

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IMG_0875 2.jpg


3,000% Growth

Less Than 4 Weeks
IMG_0874 2.jpg

Despite Trpl-Z making music in a very niche genre and having a small potential audience size which makes music marketing more difficult, Our team at digital discord marketing was still able to help him dramatically increase his numbers in less than a month with a great music marketing strategy.

*Music Marketing Case Study*


30k+ Followers 

Although Cory Dreamz has seen some success in his music career he had trouble with his music marketing and getting traction on his song

"bad at luv" after talking with him we at digital discord marketing used Instagram and Facebook Ad's to help him with his music marketing and reach new fans and gain streams.

*Social Media Marketing Case Study*

Additional Testimonial Videos


Hip-Hop Artist

Dezz Davon

RnB singer / Songwriter 

Corey Dreamz

Rap Artist
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